My life saver lesson

Have you ever arrived at your lesson to find that you’ve brought the wrong lesson plan/materials with you or plugged in your flash drive with your Powerpoint on it to find that Windows doesn’t recognize you? Well I have and it’s then time for my life saver.

All you need is one blank A4 sheet of paper per student(or pair of students in larger classes).Hand out the paper and follow this procedure:

 Students draw an oval in the centre of the sheet. In the oval they write a fairly general topic. It’s a good idea to check the topic before they write it to avoid duplication.

 They then pass the sheet to the next pair who start creating a word spider. They add one bubble connected to the central topic and write a sub-topic in this bubble. The paper is then passed round for another pair to add a bubble until each paper has one main topic and 5 or 6 sub-topics.

 The next stage is to pass the sheet round with each pair adding one question about each sub-topic. You can encourage variety by insisting on open questions and limiting repetition.

 When the papers are complete they should be handed to the teacher.

 Next rearrange the sts into groups of three or four. Offer the sts the papers face down and they choose one. Students then discuss the questions until time or ideas are exhausted. Then they pass round the sheets or take another one from the pile of unused topics. Continue until it’s time to go home.

Extension ideas

 One student (changes for each new topic) to monitor each group. Students get 1 point for each follow up question(2 points if it’s an open question)

 Each group can do a one minute presentation connected to their discussion.

 At the end of the lesson collect all the sheets and use the questions as a basis for language work in the next lesson.


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